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June 15, 2010
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F.E.Z. NNGII Team by ToshieChan F.E.Z. NNGII Team by ToshieChan

Here's my third and final entry for the Fantasy Earth Zero contest =D

This is my fav of alllll my entries and the one that took me the looooognest @_@ I have spent days and days one this and I like the end result; I wanted to put extra detail into my characters and also the BG is based off of the actual Fantasy Earth Zero game =D so those of you familiar with the game should recognize that :aww:
From left to right it's Little Faith as a Scout using the Bow and arrows =D Jin as the strong warrior, Yue as the Sorcerer and Kita as the Scout that uses the daggers but her's are extra special fans :evillaugh:
Kita is my favorite one on this and the outfit I put her in is supposed to be kinda like a butterfly XD I'm gonna make that her original outfit for good cause I just love it :love: Jin is my least fav design wise ^^; but I LOVE her bad ass sword then I really like how Faith and Yue just came out :heart:

Wish me luck....and now @_@ back to commissions :giggle:

L.Faith, Jin, Yue and Kita © Me ^^

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Mangatastic Oct 2, 2010  Student General Artist
I can't denie (can't spell the last word) this is great :star:
FoolishFangirl Jun 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG, this is absolutely stunning! :heart: I love the way you colored the crystal thingy in the background, and the castle is so good. <3 It almost looks real. All the girls look totally awesome/sexy/kick ass too! =D Kita is definitely my fave. =D That outfit is beautiful. :heart:
ToshieChan Jun 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:aww: Thank you sooo much girlie :glomp:
Highly detailed, vibrant colors, beautiful costumes/oufits, killer weapons and items, and very pretty looking women! These have all just been a joy to look at, and I honestly hope that you do well in the contest! Good luck!:D:hug:
ToshieChan Jun 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:aww: Thanks but I didn't even make the 25 finalist, they chose people with far better PS programs and skills XD Though I still believe they picked unfairly >>
You're very welcome! Still, your submissions were spectacular, and you should be very proud of the work you produced!:glomp:
Awesome work here
ToshieChan Jun 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :aww:
Damn XDD this pic really does have soooooooo many freaking details @__@ espeically the outfits and I cant choose which outfit I like the most, Yue's or Kita's XDD cause both of them are my fave but I love Jin's outfit though =] espeically her kneecap gear and arm gauntlet looks sooo demonic especially there are demon-like faces too as well :lol: but I also love the sword she has as well =D, and I know how EASILY she can swing it around and decaptitated many many peep's heads off :evillaugh:. LOL Kita's outfit is very very detailed @_@ I can see why you wanted her FEZ outfit to be an actual outfit =D, I love alll of the vibrant colors ^^ on her outfit, and she does appear to look like a butterfly espeically her bow too XD I espeically adore her fans too as well =w= and is that a bear-claw/paw tattoo on one of her arms XD lol? But damn if I draw her in that FEZ outfit its going to be very time-consuming @_@ so much detailness which of course I like ;p and I love Yue's sandal-boots =D espeically the white swirly flames/clouds/wave XD and especially her staff too as well :]. LOL both Yue and Kita look very sexy here =D, and not only that...Yue gave poor Tsuginori a good nosebleed XD. Its so nice to see Jin again though too, you should draw her more often =D she's a deadly beauty that no one should mess around with :evileyes: and L.Faith looks so cute and prettyful once again :aww:, lol I knew her outfit was going to be consist of fur XD, lots of fur that is, and she reminds me of an artic eskimo warrior or a winter viking warrior or something XDD; but I love her icy bow though :] and L.Faith's eyes are seen more often now through those long bangs of hers XDD. I espeically love the background though even the castle on the far right, and for the crystals is it actually there in the game ^^; or was it summoned by Yue to make it more prettyful >>? But anyways, superb great job on the entire pic =D! And I wish you lots and lots of good luck on the contest ^^! :clap: :hug: lol now I can decide which three outfits from all three of your submission that I love the most XD, Yue's, Kita's and Emi's :giggle: cause they are allll very wonderful, detailed looking :aww:. Superby, great detailed work here girlie =D, you're getting better and better :clap: I wanna change Kaiyo's outfit and make it more detailed too >>.
HitomeAkiroHime Jun 17, 2010
wow! such amaizing work! *_*
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